My Rant

Want to get to know me before we meet?

OK, so we have already established that I am very different.  I like to stimulate your mind as well as your body.  I am intersted in hearing your thoughts, your fantasies, and your frustrations with life.  Sometimes you want to just burn off steam with a hot fun romp in the bed, but sometimes you need to blow off that steam with some conversation with someone who will just listen to you and understand.
Life is difficult -- your boss is a slave driver and doesn't appreciate your efforts, or you are the boss and the staff let you down sometimes.  Your wife is busy and has her own issues, the kids drive you crazy, there are bills to pay, doctors appointments, vehicle problems, the roof is leaking -- ughhhh, take me away!  That is just what I will do.
I have the same frustrations , but we can slip away from all that unless you want to have an active dialog.  This is where I vent, so if you want to know what makes me tick, read on....

I love writing, but I have been very busy, with no time to share my thoughts.  Here are a couple of things that have caught my eye recently.

Are you lonesome tonight?

Let's get together!