All the benefits of a girlfriend but none of the drama. 
A Girlfriend Experience
You want to spend time with someone special, and you need physical contact that only a confident, secure woman can provide.  You want to have stimulating conversation.  I may even debate you on some topics -- I love to hear opposing views, and I learn so much from the men I spend time with.  I prefer to meet older men that know how to treat a woman.
I like quiet restaurants where I can sit close to you so we can hear each other talk.  I like to go dancing, or just sit and listen to the music.  Most of all, I want to spend quality time with you.  I am very affectionate, and I know that some older men may have certain health issues that I know how to take into consideration. 


I am just what you have been looking for.  

I have given you a lot of information on this website, and you probably feel like you know me already. 

I am the woman you have been wanting to find -- you finally found me!

Be sure to get in touch with me well in advance of your visit to Las Vegas. 

I don't want to miss you!

You may be married, but are in a rut and need to spice up your life.  Do NOT have an affair!  That gets complicated.  You probably love your wife very much, and your relationship with her and your family is very important.  Don't mess that up!  Maybe your wife is a professional woman with a job that demands a lot of her time and energy.  You respect that, but you want some undivided attention.  Or maybe your wife has let herself go or has health problems. 
You want to be with an attractive woman who works hard to keep herself in shape.  You want to run your hands over her curves and soft skin.  You want to escape your busy world, and be with someone who will focus only on YOU.  We won't talk about the yard work, the leaky faucet, or the bills.  We will be in our own little world of pleasure and relaxation.
I am certainly not a hooker or a prostitute.  I don't even like to call myself an escort, because that term is used by many to mean something very different than what I provide.  Other countries use the term courtesan, and that defines me better.   I am a temporary girlfriend to spend time with -- we will share conversation, fun, and physical affection. 
Busy men don't have time to have a real girlfriend in every city they visit, and that would get complicated anyway.   You don't want to just "hook up" with someone (do those websites really work??), and you don't want to pick up a stranger in a bar.   We both have a mutual need for safety, discretion, and trust.  You want to be with an independent woman who answers to no one, and is a mature adult capable of making her own decision to spend time with whomever she wants and to do whatever she wants.