Be Careful.... Know what you are getting...  The media portrays Las Vegas as the ultimate Sin City where anything goes, but in reality, we do have laws against prostitution.  I am a paid companion.   Exchanging sex for money is illegal, but you wouldn't know that based on the moving billboards, other ads and websites, and those annoying cards people pass out on the street.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of escort agencies that seem to offer more, and maybe they do, but not at the price you think.  Even more important, you won't get the model on the ad!  You may request a voluptuous  blonde like me and end up with a young brunette who is not very attractive.  They might offer a massage, but it is usually less satisfying that what you had imagined, and will cost you a whole lot more than you thought it would be.  Be careful of the upselling!  And did I mention the brothels?  "Ick" is a good word for those!  Who would go there and pay $1,000 for that?  Brothels are allowed outside of Clark County, but they are very mechanical and you pay by the hour with very strict rules.  Click on the link below for some inside information.
  • I am not sitting by the phone, all dressed up and ready to go at a moment's notice.  That is not how a lady goes on a date.   I prefer 24 hour notice.
  • If you are looking for an appointment on the same day/night, call or text me for a faster reply.  On rare occasions, I may be available.   I do not answer my phone after 9:00 pm.
  • Email is the best way to initially contact me.  Introduce yourself, tell me the date and time you would like to see me, where you are staying, and what type of encounter you would like (see my Compensation page).
  • If you call or text me, please be respectful.  Do not start with "Hey, Baby", "R U Available?",  or "What ya doin?"
  • Be prepared to go through a verification* process.   I am "newbie friendly" but I have to feel comfortable with you.
  • I may ask you to call me from the phone in your hotel room, and I will call back to ensure you are there and obtain more information. 

Etiquette & Safety

  • Privacy and safety are very important for both of us. Our date will always start in a public place, so we each know we are for real.  I do not visit private residences.
  • Shortly after meeting, we will decide if our date will continue.  I will not continue with our date if I do not think that we are compatible or if I am uncomfortable.
  • Please be freshly showered, teeth brushed, and do not smoke in the room.  Please do not drink excessively or use drugs.
  • I am very open-minded, but I do not enjoy pain, so if that is what you like, we would not be a good match.
  • Please put my compensation in an envelope or gift bag.   Please understand that my compensation is not negotiable and is not to be discussed.
  • You are compensating me for my time to prepare for our date, as well as our time in public.  Money exchanged is for time and companionship only.  Anything else that may occur is a matter of personal choice between two consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted.
*WHAT IS  "VERIFICATION"?   A paid companion is like a real date, and people who go on dates know each other.  If we haven't met yet, I need to know a bit about you.  Discretion and confidentiality is important to both of us, but we need to be sure we are safe.  You will discover a lot about me from this website and the links I have provided to the review and advertising websites.  Call me and we can discuss this.